Sustainability The SmallestSoupFactory contributes to a better world through its sustainable production process. Preferred ingredients are those with the fewest food miles, water is re-used, and the gas and electricity is green. By way of an in-depth energy plan the CO2 emissions are carefully monitored and can be limited where necessary. When it comes to new investments, the most sustainable and energy efficient production methods are given preference.

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More than just soup!


The SmallestSoupFactory produces soups. Full, delicious and adventurous soups, inspired by far away travels, and created according to traditional methods. The SmallestSoupFactory offers one’s taste buds a culinary journey around the world.

Soup is a global phenomenon. People everywhere, in each layer of society, eat soup. Soup gives strength and comfort, and soup heals and brings people together. It’s a wonderful product that should be handled responsibly. Instead of soluble powders and synthetic flavourings, the slow cooking principle is at the foundation of the SmallestSoupFactory’s products. Bones, cartilage and vegetables simmer for hours until they dissolve to form a full-bodied stock. Everything that is then added is purely organic and natural. Just like it used to be at Grandma’s!

By way of cooperation with trustworthy suppliers (such as the organic farmer Arkema in Noordbroek and the organic market gardener De Eemstuin in Uithuizermeeden), the SmallestSoupFactory is always assured of honest ingredients. For the exotic soups, KSF founder Michel Jansen has travelled all over the world. During his journeys his discoveries have included Indian dahls, Italian ribollita, Turkish tarhana (fermented tomato-yoghurt soup), Palestinian olive oil soup and Mexican mole, which he has brought home with him.

The availability of ingredients determines whether soups are in stock. Their composition can also not be standardised. The ingredients are adjusted depending on what’s on offer during a particular season, which means that the flavours of a specific type of soup are not always exactly the same.

Soups produced by the SmallestSoupFactory are more than just soups. They create a soup adventure – a journey of discovery to new and even more beautiful flavours.

...And there’s more
During his travels, Jansen has regularly come across other wonderful products which benefit well from his powerful stocks. This has resulted in a still modest, but fine selection of organic stews, curries, pestos and glazes.

[photographs - except from Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden: Emily de Bij, Allesandro Pissano]

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